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 Should I enjoy being an escort this much?

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PostSubject: Should I enjoy being an escort this much?   Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:07 am

I wanted to make some money for school and decided to work as an escort as it is a quick way to make really good money.

My question is this: I am enjoying this a lot, but on TV you are always seeing hookers who hate what they do and hate the men and hate themselves, etc, etc. I have liked having sex for money.
I have had fun and many of the men are really nice. Some nights are so much fun, I think I want to do this forever. Am I like strange or weird because I don't find what i am doing so objectionable?? Some of the girls I work with really are down on me and tell me I am an airhead and I am too nice to the johns, but my customers are almost always nice to me and if they are grumpy to begin with, I stay cheerful and usually get them laughing and happy after a while.
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Should I enjoy being an escort this much?
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