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 Pay off or walk away, what is better?

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PostSubject: Pay off or walk away, what is better?    Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:24 am

First let me say I am new to this forum, I have done some research online in an effort to understand how credit reporting works and how your credit scores are determined.

I recived my free copies of my credit reports from the big 3 and all of the negitive information seems to be ligit. their are a few accounts that might not belong to me (I think they are my dads) but they are helping the positive side so I am not concerned.

I have 2 Credit card accounts gone bad, Both have made it to 2nd party credit collectors. One I have a prayer of paying in full, the other there is no way I could do anything but re-establish some repayment aggreement.

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Pay off or walk away, what is better?
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